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Three Simple Tips To Help You Be A Good Driver.

Firstly, what is a good driver? Someone who is considerate to all road users and pedestrians. They are focused on the road in front and aware of what is around them at all times and always drive to the road rules and conditions. Just by reading this you are already displaying one of the most important attributes to becoming a good driver. You’ve recognised that you must always be actively developing your skills while behind the wheel. Simple changes in attitude can have a massive effect on your awareness, fuel economy and stress levels. Try these 3 tips! Don't Race lights. If you are approaching a green light and you think it might change it’s good that you’re thinking ahead. But instead of trying to beat the light by adding gas (negative approach) prepare to stop by easing of the accelerator (positive approach), remember to look in the mirror! Do not police the road. Policing the road is where you feel you have the right to force someone to drive correctly often by using dangerous or aggressive driving. For example, braking hard when someone is tailgating. This is a negative reaction to what is already a dangerous situation instead increase the gap between you and the car in front, you can then reduce your speed over a longer distance.

Or hogging the right lane of a dual carridgeway because the car behind is speeding. Have the mindset that if someone wants to go fast its up to them, its them that will have to face the consequences.

If you experience bad driving don’t feel you need to show your disproval by hand gesturing or shouting. Chances are they wont understand and just drive off leaving you more frustrated.

And finally… Understand that you have no control over other road users. You can't be sure why someone has driven the way they have. If someone drives badly around you be positive in your response, accept they might be having a bad day, consider the safest approach and become a better driver.

If these tips have helped you please share!

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