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Tips to Help You Be A Good Driver: Signalling When Moving Off and Parking.

Consideration of the signal when moving off or parking should be done while carrying out the observations. Please see my other Blog 'Tips To Help You Be A Good Driver 'Observations Moving Off.

There are four things you should ask yourself:

1. Will anyone benefit?

When moving in or parking only signal if someone benefits, don't get into the habit of automatically signalling. You have a clear view of the road around you, it enables you to accurately assess if anyone will benefit. By asking the question "Will anyone benefit" it ensures that you always observe properly before moving.

2. When should I signal?

When moving off don't sit stationary with your signal on unless you are safe to emerge and cancel it if something changes. A general rule regarding signal timing is to do so between six and eight car lengths or as early as possible without being misleading to other road users and pedestrians.

3. Which signal should I apply?

The signal must be appropriate to the manouver you are about to make to ensure it can't be misinterpreted.

4. Has the Signal Cancelled?

Remember sometimes the signal will cancel its self and be mindful of the ticking sound as you do the other controls. Eventually you will recognise the relationship between it cancelling and the steering and automatically be ready to operate it accordingly.

Consider the most appropriate time to cancel making sure it is always switched off when it's no longer required.

Tip For Always Signaling Correctly.

Try to imagine how you look from the perspective of each road user and pedestrian around you before changing position. Think about how you would be effected if the car in front changed position or speed without signalling or signalled too late or early then with this in mind signal accordingly.

My name is Adrian I am the owner of 'Be A Good Driver... Edinburgh Driving Lessons'. I have been a driving instructor in Edinburgh for over 7 years.

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