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Before you take driving lessons...

To start you on your journey into taking driving lessons and eventually becoming a good driver it's best to do some research. Hopefully these steps help so that you can be enjoying the freedom and independence driving can provide in no time.


Step One:-

Apply for your provisional driving license and check your eyesight. Reading a car registration plate from 20.5 meters (4-5 car lengths) is the minimum eyesight requirement for driving in the UK. If you are unsure ask your optician.


Step Two:-​

Take time to read the impartial advice and information available to you on the official UK government website for learner drivers. It explains how to book your driving lessons and the number of hours you might expect to take. It also lists the approved driving instructors (you will find me on this approved list) and explains the vehicle and insurance requirements for practicing with friends and family.


Step Three:-


Choose your driving instructor and a driving lesson package in Edinburgh that best suits you. Hopefully you have already found your driving instructor at "Be a Good Driver... Edinburgh Driving Lessons" and are ready to get in contact today and if you've never driven check out my first time driver deal!


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