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Intensive/crash driving courses in edinburgh

Intensive driving courses in Edinburgh

Intensive driving packages or "Crash Courses" are an accelarated lesson schedule designed to get you driving as quickly as possible they take place in and around Edinburgh, Currie. They are usually based on 2-3 hours a day between 0900 and 1630 over one or two weeks but i can be flexible (evening intensives are not available unfortunately). If you are unsure this might help you decide. Should I Do An Intensive/Crash Driving Course? The following are guidelines only and an assessment drive is recommended.


40 hour Semi/Intensive driving course is for the novice driver or learner at the early stages of driving. You have to be a quick learner with an aptitude for practical skills to be ready for your test at the end of this course when approaching it from a complete beginner.  

30 hour semi/intensive driving course is for the learner that knows the controls and understands all basic junctions and has had between 10-20 lessons. This may suit someone who has had a gap in their lessons for 6 to 12 months


20 hour semi/intensive driving course is more suited to learners who achieved test or very close to test standard and had a break from driving for between 1 to 5 years. Or for confident learners who have had continuous lessons over a prolonged period but feel they would like to get to test standard quickly.


10 hour semi/intensive course is more for drivers who have taken professional driving lessons but failed their driving test, on a few minor things but haven't driven for up to 12 months or for learners who have achieved test standard but had a break from driving for up to 6 months. This course may also suit confident experienced drivers holding an international licence who have mastered all junctions and most maneuvers but need coaching on the driving test format and some of the UK driving rules.


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