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Your first driving lesson

Your driving instructor will arrive at your home, work or prearranged address at the specified time. If for some reason I am late I always add time on at the end or carry it over to the next lesson.


I will normally greet the pupil outside the car and try to put them at ease before requesting payment, checking their provision license and eyesight. Here's more details for what to bring and wear to your first driving lesson.


After a few questions about your experience of cars, driving and road safety, I will go over what to expect and the plan for the lesson.


As you would expect your instructor drives at the start. I always try to keep the time and distance to the training area to a minimum so as to maximise your time behind the wheel. But bare this in mind when considering your pickup and drop off point.

On arrival to the training area you will swap over to the drivers side. From here your instructor will go over your understanding of how to position your seat and mirrors, explain the name and function of the main car controls (gas, brake, clutch, gears, handbrake, signals, wipers and steering wheel) and how you will be instructed when using them.  


The progress from here various from pupil to pupil depending on lesson time, experience and aptitude. But once comfortable with the driving position, basic controls their function and set up, it's time go over how to start the car, moving off and bringing the car to a stop.

As the lesson draws to a close it's time to recap on all you have learned and what to go over before your next lesson. Then, after swapping back to the passenger side, you will be driven to the prearranged drop off point. When there, there should be just enough time to pay and arrange your next driving lesson. Payment is normally taken in advance so you are always a paid lesson ahead in order to minimise last minute (within 24 hours) cancellations.


Points to note


  • Payment is taken before documentation and eyesight is checked.

  • The lesson time includes the travel to and from the training area.

  • If your instructor doesn't acknowledge being late you should not feel bad about mentioning it. Ask for time back if it isn't offered.

  • Payment is made in advance at the end for your next lesson.

  • Drop off is arranged at the time of booking not during the lesson.

That's all apart from the most important thing. Relax, and have fun!

Here is your First Time Driver Deal!

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