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What to Bring and Wear to Your First Driving Lesson

So it's time for your first driving lesson... here are some things to expect and some tips for what to bring and wear.

Whether you have looked forward to it since you saw your first movie car chase or being forced into it through personal circumstance, your first driving lesson will no doubt conjour up a mix of feelings.

Excitement, nervousness even a little fear are all totally normal. Believe it or not your instructor may feel a little nervous too. I've been a driving instructor in Edinburgh for over 7 years and I still get a wee tinge of nervous as I wait to meet a new pupil.

Try not to worry. A good driving instructor will recognise your anxiousness and do his or her best to put you at ease. Check below and have everything you need ready in advance, do whatever you can to relax before and just approach the lesson with an open mind.

What to bring with you to your first driving lesson...

As the old saying goes... “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” (or as in this case, prepare to waste time and money on your driving lesson). After a quick introduction your instructor will probably ask for payment, then either your provisional license or check your eyesight.

Have your provisional driving license, glasses for distances and correct payment ready. You'd be surprised at how often I spend 10-15 minutes looking for a bank machine during someone's first driving lesson.

Optional extras: Notebook and pen, work diary to arrange next lesson and payment if required and water (but remember “to go” before!).

What to wear to your first driving lesson...

Your are in a confined space in a car so dress comfortably. Your instructor will look at your legs and feet to assess how you use the pedals, bare this in mind and dress appropriately. Thin soled shoes are best this will maximise the feeling through your feet from the pedals.

Consider the weather. If the car breaks down during your lesson you may need to sit in the car without heating, so bring a jacket just in case.

So that's it. As I mentioned earlier, preparation is key so you can just concentrate and relax into the start of your journey to becoming a qualified driver. Next I'll go over 'What Happens on Your First Driving Lesson.'

If you think this will help any potential new drivers please share. Visit my website for more driver tips.

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