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Tips To help You Be A Good Driver: Observations Moving Off.

It just takes one missed observation when driving to be involved in an accident. So here are a couple of tips to help maintain good awareness while driving in the UK and hopefully reduce your chances of ever being in an accident when moving off.

When moving off anywhere: Accept observations will be different each time depending on the situation. Ask yourself, where are the areas around me that a road user or pedestrian could be and how will they be effected by what I am about to do. Pay particular attention to areas that could change quickly or where your visibility is limited. Always redo all the observations if there is a time gap between observing and moving.

These are Minimum Observations you should carry out when moving off from the left: Start from the front left passenger window, then left mirror, rear view mirror, road in front, right mirror then blind spot. 6 in total, count them as you go round assessing each one.

I am a driving instructor in Edinburgh. I hope these tips have been helpful. For further tips or to book a driving lesson please visiting my website.

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