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Driving Lessons And Driving Tests During The Covid 19 Pandemic (Non Lockdown): What's Different?

Driving lessons and the driving test has been affected just like everything else during the pandemic. Here is a list of things that are a bit different:-

Before the lesson...

I clean all hand controls, handles as well as the seats with 80% alchohol sanitiser.

I text the learner 5 minutes before the lesson to check if either they or anyone they have been in contact with has any "Covid 19 Symptoms."

I request hands to be sanitise before entering the car.

During the lesson...

Clean face masks to be worn during the lesson unless there are medical reasons stopping you from doing so (it is recommended that masks should only be worn for 4 hours before disposing or washing).

Windows will be open during the lesson.

The driving test....

There are no waiting area for almost all test centres.

No driving instructor/occupanying driver is permitted in the back of the car during the test or debrief.

If a major or dangerous fault occurs during the test the (still) learner will immediately be redirected back to the test centre.


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