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Do We Actually Want Self-Driving Cars?

There has been lots of coverage around the subject of autonomic vehicles. Only this week it has been reported that Edinburgh is to be the first UK city to use driverless buses. It is thought by many to be the biggest technological advancement in recent times, however I haven’t read anything that addresses the possible effects to our health taking driving away could bring.

It is obvious that the cost of changing the current road infrastructure to accommodate both manual and driverless vehicles side-by-side would be astronomical, and it is possible that the only way self-driving vehicles could be implemented safely in the UK for everyday driving is by making all vehicles driverless with no human element whatsoever. 

As a driving instructor I encounter an array of different emotions with learners but I firmly believe that there is a certain aptitude required which makes driving beneficial to our health and well being and that removing our option to drive could leave many of the 20 million plus UK drivers wanting for something we never knew we needed until it was too late.  I acknowledge for some driving is a stress they could do without, however we shouldn’t ignore the fact that driving is a skill, it requires both mental and physical awareness and it works areas of the brain simultaneously that aren’t accessed during any other task in many of our daily lives.

I would be interested to hear drivers opinion on the subject and whether or not they would be happy with the prospect of never driving again unless in strongly restricted areas or simulators.

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